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Gold Coast

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Areas of Expertise

~Anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

~Depression, fatigue and lack of motivation.

~Eating disorders.

~Low self-esteem & self-worth.

~Relationship problems: friendships, family, teachers & romantic (as appropriate).

~Trouble sleeping or winding down.
​~Suicidality & self-harm.

~School guidance (careers, pathways, advocating for appropriate supports, etc).

Price | $85

Synchrony Counselling specialises in individual therapy for adolescents (10-19 years) experiencing mental and emotional health issues, particularly girls and young women with stress and anxiety issues. Adolescence can be a difficult period, and today's youth face unique challenges. At school, they are under relentless academic pressure to perform, produce and figure out what career or course will come next. Socially, they must navigate friendships, conflict and bullying around the clock, both in person and online. And in this landscape of ubiquitous social media comparisons, developing healthy body image and self-esteem seems almost out of reach. Screens, family conflict, first love, identity, consent, peer pressure, and an EXPLOSION of hormones (some of which cause anxiety and depression)...Is it any wonder that so many of our girls are stressed out and struggling?

It can be hard to know when to seek additional support, but a strong indicator is that changes in the adolescent's mood and behaviour are beginning to impair their relationships, schooling or family life.​Synchrony Counselling is experienced in helping adolescents (and parents!) navigate the many challenges of this period. I have a Master of Education in Guidance and Counselling and have provided therapy, education and support to teens, tweens and families since 2006. 

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Gold Coast

Synchrony Counselling specialises in therapy and support for mothers feeling stressed, anxious or burnt out from trying to raise a family while keeping up with the relentless demands of daily life. For mothers of children with complex needs, counselling can include tailored parenting strategies to increase family harmony and connection.


Being a mum can be emotionally, mentally and physically draining. A 'good mother' is expected to be consistently calm and responsive, nurture her child's holistic development, adjust her professional commitments to suit the family's needs (but not drop the ball at work), 'bounce back' physically and emotionally after having kids, be a loving spouse, and through it all, remain content with her situation. Meanwhile, 'mum guilt' festers, stress levels rise, relationships suffer and self-care is forgotten. 

Cue: burnout.


Expectations placed on mothers are overwhelming and often unattainable, but it can still be hard to ask for help. Research shows that mothers who feel supported have better mental and emotional health, and experience greater life satisfaction and personal fulfilment. Connecting with a compassionate, impartial and skilled counsellor can be an invaluable investment in regaining your health and happiness. Synchrony Counselling can help you to navigate the complexities and challenges of motherhood and womanhood, and reconnect to yourself, your values and your vitality.

I'm a mother myself, and have also worked with diverse families for over 15 years. 

Playful Mother and Daughter

Areas of Expertise

  • Anxiety, stress and burnout.

  • Depression, fatigue and lack of motivation.

  • Relationship problems: romantic, family members, friends or professional.

  • Insomnia & feeling 'tired but wired'.

  • Disordered eating, including bulimia, binge-eating and yoyo dieting. 

  • Boundaries & self-care.

  • Parenting support for effectively & lovingly raising complex kids (e.g. Autism (ASD), ADHD, behavioural/emotional intensity, highly sensitive, mental health concerns, or developmental delays/disability).

Price | $100

Gold Coast

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Price | $100

Synchrony Counselling provides evidence-based, non-judgemental and compassionate therapy for women feeling overwhelmed, lost or burnt-out. Together, we can help move you towards feeling whole, healthy and living in alignment with your values. I have a special interest in helping women to overcome anxiety and stress; navigate challenges with eating, weight and self-worth; and cultivate boundaries, self-compassion and self-care. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Anxiety, stress & burnout.

  • Relationship issues: romantic, family, friendships & professional.

  • Depression, fatigue & lack of motivation. 

  • Insomnia & sleep issues.

  • Boundaries and self-care.

  • Eating disorders and eating-related concerns: bulimia, binge eating, yoyo dieting, food obsession, and weight shame.

  • Low self-esteem & self-worth.

  • Grief, loss & heartache.

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